How To Make The Most Of A Small Kitchen


Yes, the idea of a spacious kitchen that acts as a welcoming hub for the home is undeniably attractive, but what if your kitchen is small?

Not everyone is blessed with the space to make all their kitchen dreams come true, but does this mean they should settle for second best?

We’re specialists in kitchen design and fitting in Bolton and we think everyone deserves the very best kitchen their space allows.

Small can be beautiful, and functional, when it comes to kitchens, and here’s how.

Maximising Accessibility

In all design, layout is crucial, but in small kitchens, it means serious planning to turn what you might see as handicaps into advantages.

A kitchen should be built on the concept of accessibility. It is a working space. With a small kitchen, because things are inevitably closer, you must make this an advantage, boosting accessibility.

Here’s an example: install plenty of hooks to hang pans and utensils from, so that you can easily reach out and grab them, without having to rummage for them in a cupboard.

The same goes for kitchen knives. Install a magnetic wall-strip to secure them on, rather than having a drawer, or even a knife-block.

If you can, choose open shelving instead of cupboards. This makes smaller areas look more spacious, giving you storage without hemming you in.

Where you do need cupboards, try mounting them higher up, where you can still reach them, but where they won’t encroach on your workspace.

Countertop layout is crucial. Choose a shape that’s practical but which also means you get the best possible use of the space you have available.

Smart Storage for Small Kitchens

Storage in any kitchen can feel like a challenge. Many of us hoard supplies and simply seem to accumulate appliances, utensils and pans.

For the small kitchen, however, storage is critical. Remember what we said about accessibility. Here’s where it comes in handy. Because your kitchen is small, you can afford to have higher cupboards and shelves. You might even consider a sliding ladder for access.

Clutter is your enemy. To fight it, use plenty of containers on your shelves, so that you haven’t got lots of stray items spreading themselves out.

Customised, sliding cupboards are another ideal storage solution. They’re ideal for smaller grocery items such as spices and bottles of sauces. You could extend this concept to a slide-out wine rack.

With the right kind of designed storage solutions, the small kitchen need not look like a compromise for space, but a well-engineered kitchen solution.

The Solution Lies with You

Regardless of space, and how you design your kitchen to fit it, ultimately, it’s how you use your kitchen that will make the most difference.

Be systematic. Harmonise with your kitchen space and work with it. So, for example, get in the habit of cleaning as you work, so you’re not left with a huge pile of knives, boards, pans and the like.

Know where everything is and where it should be, and stick to a system. Try to be ergonomic about it, so that there’s a logical flow to where you put things when you’ll need to access them.

Resist the temptation to accumulate, and if you must have that new utensil, dish or pan, then operate a ruthless one-in, one-out rule, so you’ve always got enough storage space.

Don’t Deny Yourself

You deserve a nice kitchen that you can take pleasure in, and we can help you get it. We will help you find the kitchen that will work best for you.

With cutting edge designs from Schuller and Next125, and our range of quality fitted British kitchens, there’s plenty of choice.

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